Banner painting page
Banner Painting Workshop

KS2 Art
National Curriculum: Primary Art.

Learning Objectives
Pupils should be taught: to increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials

Banner painting page
Suggested Classroom Activity

The six films show the key stages of a banner painting workshop which was delivered on one day by artist Maddi Nicholson with a group of Year 6 pupils.

The design was created from a collection of portraits and sketches by the group which were then collaged together. Simple bolder designs work best because the banner is likely to be seen from a distance.

The materials used are a cotton fabric (synthetic will not work) and fabric printing dyes mixed with an extender base instead of paint. maddi explians why these materials are used in the films.

The design was intially drawn onto the fabric in pencil and then gone over with red or black chisel ended felt pens. Maddi suggests at the painting stage start in the middle of your banner and work outwards to the edges.
These banners are suitable for hanging in a school hall or on the school stage.
Video 1. The Design

Video 2. Felt pen outline

Video 3. Materials

Video 4. Painting

Video 5. End Product

Video 6. A Teachers View

Development Activity

This workshop would work equally well with a Year 5 group. Maddi used a group of 18 pupils to make sure that all pupils could be fully involved around the fabric.

In the Teachers Views clip the teacher suggests this activity would work well in an Art Club setting.

The teacher also mentions making banners to make backdrops for a dance performance or the school play.

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