Drawing Workshop

KS2 Art
National Curriculum: Primary Art.

Learning Objectives
Pupils should be taught: to increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials

Elements covered in this workshop include:
Drawing with a wax crayon
Drawing negative space
Drawing wth a brush
Using charcoal on small and large scale

The nine films show different ways of working with drawing materials both indivually and in a group.


Suggested Classroom Activity

The workshop was delivered on one day by artist Louise Bradley with a group of Year 6 pupils. We suggest you break the workshop into two sessions, individual and group drawing. We see the individual activities as skill development for the larger work.
Watch the clips and replicate the stages. Drawing with a brush and drawing with wax crayons are activities involving water and are best put together. You may choose to concentrate on the activities that develop drawing skills using charcoal. Be aware charcoal can be messy.
The end product of these sessions should be a series of drawings that may need fixing with hairspray to avoid smudging. Fumes can be dangerous.
For the group drawing we recommend that you plan the design on a small scale and then scale the design up as large as you can physically manage to enable as many pupils as possible to be involved.
Start from the middle and work out to the edges. The school hall or dining room is ideal for this activity.

Video 1. Introduction
An overview of what is covered in this workshop

Video 2. Drawing wth a wax candle
This group were asked to draw without looking
at the paper

Video 3. Drawing with a brush
Drawing quickly with a brush

Video 4. Step 4
Drawing tone with charcoal

Still life drawing with charcoal

Video 5. Drawing shadow
More charcoal work on shadows and highlights

Video 6. Drawing negative space
Exercise to make you think differently about space

Video 7. Large group drawing workshop part one
Working big with charcoal

Video 8. Large group drawing workshop part two
Timelapse of the work

Video 9. Teacher’s view
Feedback on the activity, from a teacher.

Development Activity

Using our interactive activity Figure it out pupils can learn about the proportions of the human body. This activity allows the user to animate a lay figure and draw around it to practise how figures change in different positions.

You can also show the pupils the work of Sarah Dyer on Culture Street who draws animals at ZSL London Zoo. Follow this link and go to the techniques section

Research, Notes and Links
Nine films

Drawing workshop page

Download lesson notes here

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