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Secret Postcard Project
A lesson plan to help you raise money for a local or national charity with a whole school arts project

The outcomes meet OFSTED requirements in relation to pupils social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

Learning Objectives. Art and Design

Pupils should be taught to:

to increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials

to use a range of techniques and media, including painting.

Pupils will learn to develop ideas and one painting technique which involves the development of their painting control skills.
RSPB website
Suggested Classroom Activity

Choose you charity. The school we are featuring here chose the RSPB and therefore the theme for their postcards was birds but you can choose any theme you like.

It is important early on to get the whole school involved and make them aware of the idea and how it works.

Start by making a few powerpoint slides about the history of your charity and why it should be supported.....after all this is a fund raising event.

You can download our powerpoint template and customise it to your needs or create your own. Download powerpoint here
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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

Your powerpoint has to do two things:

1) to introduce the chosen charity that will benefit from your fundraising

2) tell the students how a secret postcard auction works and how they get involved.

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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

Add the details of your charity, your theme and your chosen dates to the template.

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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

Include some examples to inspire your pupils and staff.

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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

Try and recruit some parents or local artists as well as staff members to add to the variety of the final exhibition of postcards and increase your income.

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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

Make this powerpoint available on your network to all members of staff, particularly form teachers.

Distribute the blank postcards and wait for the entries to start coming in.

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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

Now all you have to do is organise the exhibition and the sale of the cards.

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Suggested Classroom Activity cont...

For more ideas and inspiration you can see a selection of the cards from our featured school, Mortimer College in South Shields, in the CultureStreet gallery
Development Activity

Ask the pupils to research stamp design and to compare the role of the artist in designing stamps to that of the artist designing postcards. What are the major differences, which elements of stamp deisgn are important and what theme do stamps need to depict. Compare the themes of stamp designs to that of typical postcards available locally.
Resources, Notes and Links

View the Culture Street gallery with a selection of bird themed postcards.

Download powerpoint template

Download this lesson plan here

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