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Textile Printing workshop page
Textile Printing Workshop

KS2 Art
National Curriculum: Primary Art.

Learning Objectives
Pupils should be taught: to increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials

Textile Printing workshop page

Suggested Classroom Activity

The eight films show the key stages of a banner printing workshop which was delivered on one day by artist Jacqui Smith with a group of Year 6 pupils. The large design was created from a collection of individual block and mono prints which were brought together into one design by the painting of the background with water based inks.

The two main techniques demonstrated are block printing for which Jacqui uses cut out foam shapes on a cardboard backing and mono printing on a perpex sheet. The materials used are a pure cotton fabric (synthetic will probably not work) and fabric printing dyes mixed with pva. Jacqui explains why these materials are used in the films. It is suggested that each individual block is tested on paper before printing on the fabric to check it prints well and to give the children an idea of the thickness of the ink needed.

Video 1. Making a block
Card and foam bird block for printing

Video 2. Printing the block
Mixing and blending block and printing

Video 3. Tree block print
Printing more complicated forms using block printing

Video 4. Design for monoprinting
Making design for a mono print using perpex

Video 5. Mono printing
Inking your perpex sheet
Video 6. Bird mono print
More mono print demonstration
Video 7. Inking around the prints
Using textile inks
Video 8. End product
Large scale banner and feedback.
Development Activity

This workshop would work equally well with a Year 5 group or in an Art Club setting.

This workshop can be built upon wtih further investigation of artists using textiles including watching the Maddi Nicholson film on Culture Street where she uses various textile techniques.

Maddi Nicholson page

Research, Notes and Links

Eight films on the Textile printing workshop page

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